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Wieland Lorst is (probably 'was') the name taken by a supernatural entity, possibly a demon of the second Fall (''stepped straight from Hell''), which dwelt in a large but delapidated house near Heidelberg in Germany since at least the third decade of the nineteenth century. We meet with Lorst in The Ectoplasmic Man.

The Lorst-entity fed off the ''helpless, confused ghosts'' of the newly dead. It took the form of an emaciated but fairly refined looking man wearing old-fashioned but shabby clothing, offering in a polite and slightly pedantic manner a return to life, though it could not conceal a livid complexion and slightly pointed teeth. In fact it sought to lure the souls of the newly dead to its house, within whose confines it could devour them, condemning them to the ''oblivion of [the] outer darkness forever''.

We meet it doing precisely that in the February of 2002, leading astray a newly-deceased soul in a Heidelberg cemetery despite the pleas of Johann Kraus, just reduced to his ectoplasmic form by the Chengdou incident.

Feeding made the Lorst entity fat and ruddy, and when attempting to devour Johann Kraus it revealed a hideous ''true form'' distorted beyond anything human and consisting mainly of an immense toothed mouth. It failed to do so but found itself sated and idly dismissed Kraus as little more than a bore.

After Kraus upbraided it with its crimes, it taunted him by offering him the silver bullet blessed by Pope Gregory XVI (1831-46) with which ''the great'' Father Deuteronomy Sassacus had attempted to destroy it, together with an ornate revolver, and took cruel amusement in the medium's inability to manipulate the physical world before banishing him from his house.

The Lorst-entity was intelligent and articulate, appearing to its victims reasonable and fair, but possessed of a sharp if sadistic sense of humour, posing to Kraus the mocking question that it was not truly a murderer, as it did no harm to the living, as well as deriding him as a ''medium [middle-rate] medium''. It clearly regarded the souls of humans to be of very little consequence, treating his discussion with Kraus almost as a slightly comic intellectual exercise.

Even when openly demonic, it maintained an attitude of condescending good humour and 'fairness', even mockingly referring to his would-be destroyer of bygone days as the ''great'' Father Sassacus. As suggested, it was to a degree a refined creature, incongruously wiping its lips with an embroidered handkerchief after devouring a soul and capable of studying a manual of occult lore with the pentagram and other diagrams.

Kraus returned to the Lorst-entity's house after being fitted with his B.P.R.D. containment suit, which allowed him once again to touch physical objects, and it is implied the medium destroyed the Lorst-entity.