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Varvara was a young Russian girl and the illegitimate daughter of Grigori Rasputin. She is named after Varvara Rasputin, the historical figure who is used as a separate character.

While under possession of the demon Yomyael she was the former director of the Special Sciences Service.


Varvara was born as the illegitimate daughter of Grigori Rasputin and Zoya some time after October, 1905. Her mother named her after the daughter Rasputin recognized as legitimate in order to spite him.

In January, 1913, she travelled with her mother and stepfather Yuri to see Rasputin in hope of currying his favor and being given access to his wealth. Rasputin killed Yuri and left Zoya and Varvara out in the cold, with Zoya dying by the time the sun rose the next morning. Varvara was approached by a man possessed by the demon Yomyael a short time afterwards, and was taken as his new host.

Yomyael stayed in possession of Varvara for a number of years into the twenty-first century, taking on her identity and becoming the director of the Special Sciences Service before being imprisoned in 1956. He would be freed years later by Iosif Nichayko to combat one of the Ogdru Jahad that had been summoned to Earth.

Varvara was eventually exorcised by Ashley Strode after Yomyael had come into conflict with the B. P. R. D. for trying to turn Earth into a new Pandemonium. Yomyael warned that he had been holding the girl back just before being dispatched by the exorcist. Free of the demon's possession, Varvara killed Strode and used herself as a conduit to bring Rasputin back to Earth, vanishing in the process.