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The Wolves of Saint August is a four-part serialized story by Mike Mignola. It marks the first appearance of Dr. Kate Corrigan and the first mention of Dr. Izar Hoffman.

Publication History

The Wolves of Saint August was originally serialized in Dark Horse Presents #88-91 (Aug-Nov 1994). Each issue contained eight black and white story pages. In November 1995, the story was reprinted in the fifth issue of Hellboy, a 48-page prestige format issue that presented the story in color and added eight new story pages. This expanded version was later collected in Hellboy – Volume 3: The Chained Coffin and Others (August 1998).


The story opens in 1994 in the town of Griart. Father Kelly, the town's new priest, hopes to reopen an old chapel fallen into disuse. The Priest meets a man in the chapel, who explains that long ago the villagers trapped the royal family and killed them. The man then transforms into a wolf.

Nine days later, Hellboy and Kate Corrigan appear on the scene. Every person in the town has been killed by what appears to be a wild animal. Father Kelly's body had been found in the chapel. Kate sees an inscription in the chapel and realizes the true history of the town. The royal family had been cursed in 1214, so that they would transform into werewolves every seven years. The villagers caught the family while changed, and killed them. However one child, William, survived.

Hellboy is confronted by William, the man who killed Father Kelly earlier. William rips off his skin revealing a massive werewolf. The two fight and in the end Hellboy kills the Monster.

The final page notes that Dr. Izar Hoffman and a team of BPRD psychics later declared the site free of paranormal activity.


Recurring Characters

   Katherine Corrigan

   Father Kelly
   Izar Hoffman (Mentioned only)

Groups and Organizations

Additional Characters and Creatures

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