The Shadow Over Suwanee is a three-issue arc kicking off in July 2015.


Part OneEdit

Haunted by memories of Hellboy, Abe crosses paths with a horrible monster in a sunken town, which reveals secrets of his own pre-human origins.

Part TwoEdit

A small Florida town manages a strange kind of survival in the shadow of a giant monster where Abe finds secrets about his origins and his role in the end of the world.

This issue includes a flashback to the last scenes of Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland.

Part ThreeEdit

Abe left the B.P.R.D. to confront the monsters to which people said he was connected. Now he’s found one, towering over a doomed Florida town, leading to a terrifying meeting of the minds as Abe dives headfirst into the question of his own origins and purpose.


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The Shadow Over Suwanee
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A Darkness so Great
The Shadow Over Suwanee
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