The Last Knight of St. Hagan is a four-issue miniseries written by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie with art by Andrea Mutti. It was announced January 11, 2020[1] just prior to the release of the Hellboy Winter Special (2019), which features a short story teasing the miniseries.

Publishing historyEdit

The first issue was originally set to debut in April, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Part OneEdit

A wily Polish spy, pursued by a group of Nazi enforcers, flees through the small town of Torun. The year is 1939, the beginning of the German occupation, and he carries important information for the resistance. But a bullet, a tomb, and a ghost—perhaps even God—have their own plans for the spy, and they will involve the mystical crusader knight St. Hagan.

Part TwoEdit

The haunted are given life, but tasked with atonement.

Possessed by the will of St. Hagan, a Polish spy struggles to find his way in the growing WWII conflict. Returning to the scene of his apparent death, the spy learns of the mystical crusader knight St. Hagan—and the plans he seems to have for the spy.

Part ThreeEdit

A dire chase plays out against the backdrop of occupied Europe!

Goaded on by the spirit of St. Hagan, a Polish spy pursues the Nazi soldiers who stole valuable rebel intel and left him for dead. What the envelope contains is the key to stopping an occult doomsday plan. But occult forces at work in the Third Reich have sensed his presence, and move to intercept. Will one man, even infused with such a spirit, be enough to overcome that which stands against him?


Covers by Sebastián Fiumara.


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