The Drowning is Abe Sapien's first solo miniseries, set in the early 1980s.

Publication HistoryEdit

Abe Sapien: The Drowning was published as a five-issue miniseries from February to June 2008. The story was collected in the trade Abe Sapien – Volume 1: The Drowning, published in September 2008.


Part OneEdit

A century ago, paranormal investigator Edward Grey fought and destroyed a powerful warlock off the island of Saint-Sēbastien. In the early 1980s, the B.P.R.D.'s newest agent was sent to retrieve the warlock's remains. But Abe Sapien is ill prepared for the supernatural forces that block his way.

Part TwoEdit

Supernatural forces converge on the island of Saint-Sēbastien as Abe finds himself alone against a century-old evil.

Part ThreeEdit

With his companions dead and the island of Saint-Sēbastien overwhelmed by the stuff of nightmares, Abe struggles to stay alive as he fights his way toward the eye of the storm- and the monster that hides within.

Part FourEdit

The terrible secrets of Saint-Sēbastien come to light as Abe pushes deeper into the mystery of the island and a legacy of evil that spans the life of humanity itself.

Part FiveEdit

Abe comes face to face with the power that has protected Saint-Sēbastien for centuries in this breathtaking conclusion to his first solo miniseries.


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