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The Bones of Giants' is a four-issue miniseries coming out November 2021 written by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden with art by Matt Smith. It is an adaptation of the 2001 prose novel Hellboy: The Bones of Giants also written by Mignola and Golden.

Publication History[]


Part One[]

When a startling discovery is made in Sweden, the B.P.R.D. sends Hellboy and Abe Sapien to investigate. What ensues is a wild adventure full of Norse legends, mythical creatures, and a threat that could bring not just Earth but the Nine Realms of Norse mythology to their knees.

Part Two[]

Acting as an involuntary vessel for the Norse god Thor, Hellboy and his ragtag team pursue the ancient evil that’s been unleashed on the world. But even the might of Mjollnir and the aid of mythological beings may not be enough to prevent the destruction that is to come.

Part Three[]

Hellboy, still inhabited by the ghost of the Norse god Thor, has his first confrontation with the newly resurrected Frost King Thrym! But not having recovered his full strength yet, Thrym slips away and leaves Hellboy to follow a grisly path toward their next encounter.


All covers are by Matt Smith.