The Art of Hellboy was a book published by Dark Horse Comics. It features preliminary sketches, finished pages and notations from the first decade of Mike Mignola's work on Hellboy.

Publishers Summary[edit | edit source]

This stunning two-hundred-page tome looks at the evolution of Mike Mignola's art over ten years on his award-winning comics series. Featuring previously unpublished art, unused and unfinished covers, and drawing upon ten years of sketchbooks, The Art of Hellboy provides the ultimate inside look at Mignola's design, storytelling, and color work, and rare and never-before-seen art reveals the labor involved in creating one of comics' most acclaimed books.

Publication History[edit | edit source]

The Art of Hellboy was originally published as a large, oversized hardback book that served as the basis for the Hellboy Library Editions. A year later it was reprinted in a smaller, paperback format.

Notable Inclusions[edit | edit source]

The Art of Hellboy contains the only reprint of both Hi, My Name's Hellboy and the original version of The Vârcolac.

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