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Stanley Corn was a scientist employed by Zinco-Davis Laboratories.


Stanley Corn was the head of a top-secret research project at Zinco-Davis working on brain-wave energy. However, his work led to him being fired from Zinco-Davis as a result of his dangerous experiments on brains, including his own. Corn continued his experiments on himself, giving him the ability to move objects with his brain. He used his ability to murder four of his colleagues that were working on his project.

The murders attracted the attentions of Lobster Johnson, who pieced the homicides to Corn. The Lobster and allies broke into Corn's apartment in which Corn's powers are jammed by a jamming device brought along by the Lobster's assistant. When Corn learns he will be sent back to the Zinco-Davis Lab, (out of fear of his brain being brought to "the Butchers"), he shoots himself in the head. Though his body was dead, Corn's brain and spinal cord emerged out of the body and attacked the Lobster by strangling him with his spinal cord. The Lobster managed to break free and smash the jamming device against it, causing an explosion and the "death" of the brain.