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Shax was a demon who held the rank of Great Marquis of Hell.


Shax was summoned by Romulus Diovanni in an attempt to gain favor from the demon lord. Diovanni offered him the soul of the old deity Cloacina in exchange for power to rule over the Earth. However the demon was not impressed. He demanded to be released, no longer wishing to be associated with Diovanni seeing him as a scavenger. While Diovanni was distracted by his rejection from Shax, Roger managed to break the container imprisoning Cloacina. Diovanni was unable to handle the divine light and turned to bones, one of his bones breaking the seal trapping Shax. The demon thanked the homunculus for freeing him but inquired where Hellboy was. He was slightly disappointed that Hellboy wasn't present but asked Roger to pass a greeting before returning to Hell.[1]

After the death of Satan, Shax was one of the casualties of the slave rebellion. His soldiers turned on him upon crossing the Phlegethon.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]

According to Diovanni he commanded thirty legions.