Revival is a multi-part short story by writer John Arcudi and artist Guy Davis.

Publication History[edit | edit source]

Revival was first published in MySpace Dark Horse Presents #8 and #9, from March to April 2008. It was later extended when collected in trade paperback as the second chapter of B.P.R.D.: War on Frogs, and as the third War on Frogs chapter in the second volume of the B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs omnibuses. In October 2011, Dark Horse Digital published the story as War on Frogs #5.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ben Daimio hunts down frog monsters masquerading as faith healers.

In Ware, Alabama in July 2004 a group of worshippers gather in a marquee tent to witness a young girl who is introduced by a large heavy set blonde man as a faith healer. An elderly woman who lost the use of her legs in a car accident asks to be healed. After being kissed on the head by the girl, the woman begins to walk, however, she quickly begins to transform into a frog monster. The horrorified crowd is decimated as more frogs reveal themselves.

In Lebanon, Tennessee in June 2005, another group of worshippers are gathered and are introduced to the faith-healing girl by a man in a white robe. Before she is able to transform any more people into monsters she is interrupted by Daimio and a team of B.P.R.D. soldiers. Daimio confronts the crowd informing them that the girl is partly responsible for the Crab Point disaster which occurred in Plague of Frogs. As the crowd start to disperse the girl transforms into a giant frog monster. In the ensuing fight she kills a B.P.R.D. soldier and attempts to escape. Just as Daimio lines up a killing shot the blonde attendant to the girl jumps into the line of fire. As he dies, Daimio attempts to understand why a human would work with the frog monsters. Daimio pursues the giant frog monster which has broken through the perimeter guards. The frog monster changes back to the little girl and tries to stall Daimio. Unfazed, Daimio kills her.

Note[edit | edit source]

The visual appearance of the girl/frog, Daimio's reference to the events of Plague of Frogs, and the presence of the ball motif used in that story, confirm she is the same character who Roger confronted at Crab Point.

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