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The Ogdru Hem are the monstrous 369 children of the demonic Ogdru Jahad. The Ogdru Hem are essentially weaker versions of their parents, even so, they wield unimaginable power. All of the Ogdru Hem were imprisoned by the Watchers, but many are now re-emerging, with the aid of Grigori Rasputin and other agents of the Ogdru Jahad.

Many of the Ogdru Hem are without bodies and exist, invisibly, in the air. These evil spirits are used to help raise the Ogdru Hem that have bodies (such as Katha-Hem) out of their earthly prisons.

In ancient times some of the Ogden Hem took the forms of dragons inspiring many myths on Earth.

The Known Ogdru Hem[edit | edit source]

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Similar Creatures[edit | edit source]

There have been several creatures that have been connected to the Ogdru Jahad, but have not been said to be Ogdru Hem.

  • Sammael the Desolate One: A Hellhound from the Hellboy movie is a presumed member of the 369. While Sammael has more in common, physically, with the frog monsters than with a full-blown Ogdru Hem, he is described by Abe Sapien as the "Son of Nergal", who is one of the seven Ogdru Jahad. One of Sammael's numerous titles, the "Seed of Destruction", is a homage to the comic storyline of the same name, which first introduced the Ogdru Jahad.
  • Behemoth: The hydroid-like Behemoth from Hellboy was also possibly an Ogdru Hem, serving as Rasputin's god. Once Rasputin was killed, the Behemoth erupted out from his body, much like Urgo Hem was released through the priest's blood in Hellboy: The Island, and grew to gigantic size. The Behemoth was very similar in size, appearance, and temperament to Sadu-Hem. Hellboy killed it with a belt of grenades through the throat.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This creature is stated to be the same species as the Conqueror Worm in Conqueror Worm #2
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