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Dr. Niels Waxman was a neurologist and an enemy of The Lobster.


Waxman attended Ludovicht Institute of Vienna in 1907 and became specialized in neuromanipulation, a esoteric field in which animals are electronically controlled through their brains. His first experiments were with apes - precursors of the Kriegaffe used by Herman von Klempt.

Waxman later began working for the Cossaro Brothers under the alias of Boyer Emerson in which he utilized his neuromanipulation experiments on human beings and turning them into radio-controlled puppets to be use in the Cossaro Brothers' criminal enterprise. He ultimately earned the wrath of The Lobster and causing him to attempt to flee the country for Germany. However, The Lobster and his allies chased him on a airship, which exploded and apparently killing Waxman.[1] However, Waxman survived, but sporting The Lobster's claw mark.

Waxman resurfaced in 1937 while helping the Nazis in attempting to retrieve the Vril Energy Suit and again coming into conflict with The Lobster. He was ultimately killed by Memnan Saa, who sicced giant snakes into devouring him.