Metal Monsters of Midtown is a story takes place in the middle of the Lobster's career as a crime fighter in the 1930s.

Publication HistoryEdit

This three-issue miniseries will be published in May to July 2016, featuring covers and art by Tonči Zonjić.


Part OneEdit

A trio of skyscraping robots crash into a Manhattan bank and leave Lobster Johnson with two mysteries to solve: what is behind the massive machines, and why would the robots pull a heist without taking a penny?

Part TwoEdit

The face-off against giant robots continues as Lobster Johnson’s investigation leads him to a woman whose story reveals the ancient origins behind the machines’ gleaming exteriors.

Part ThreeEdit

The giant robot invasion of New York comes to a showdown when the Lobster has to get into a machine’s head to drive it out of the city.


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Metal Monsters of Midtown
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