Messiah is the first arc of The Devil You Know story cycle.

Publication HistoryEdit

This five-issue arc started in July 2017. The final issue had a major reveal, which explained the reason for "The Devil You Know" title of the final B.P.R.D. story cycle.


Part OneEdit

Before they were vanquished by the BPRD, Lovecraftian monsters created a Hell on Earth. Now Liz Sherman leads a crew through monster-infested ruins on the most important rescue mission of her life. As society tries to rebuild, strange cults vie for influence, and a demon emerges to lead the way…

Part TwoEdit

With the apocalypse narrowly averted, the cults that sprang up in response to the worldwide crisis are left with idle hands.

Part ThreeEdit

Bound to a prehistoric weapon, an ancient spirit wages an eternal war against the creatures that seek to destroy the world, and their human servants.

Part FourEdit

Exorcist Ashley Strode directs the BPRD toward a deadly cult leader while Fenix pushes for a return to the site of Kate’s death.

Part FiveEdit

A return to the demolished headquarters, the site of Kate’s death, reunites old team members as Abe pursues a demon and Varvara reveals her terrifying plans.

At the end of the issue, agents of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense make a genuinely unexpected discovery at the site of their former headquarters, which were destroyed in last year’s Cometh The Hour series: A coffin containing what seems to be the body of none other than Hellboy, who appears to be opening his eye…

The Endless MysteryEdit

This two-page back-up feature written and drawn by Matt Stackbein appeared in B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know—Messiah #3. It recapped the history of Ted Howards/Gall Dennar.


Covers by Duncan Fegredo unless otherwise stated.

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