King Vold is a beheaded flying huntsman that haunts the wilds of Norway.

History Edit

According to legend he used to say, "God can keep Heaven for himself long as I go hunting in Gurre,". With that he was condemned to hunt every night, all the way from Orsta to Gurre, riding through the air with his hounds. King Vold is known to appear to those who are interesting.

King VoldEdit

In 1956 Hellboy is asked by Trevor Bruttenholm to assist Prof. Edmond Aickman in Norway. Hellboy agrees and travels to Norway. Aickman tells Hellboy a number of Norwegian folktales. Hellboy asks what they are doing there. Aickman says that they are waiting for King Vold, doomed to hunt every night.

King Vold appears, and asks Aickman to watch over one of his wolves for the night. The wolf becomes a wolf-man and then a viking berserker. The creature attacks Hellboy reducing him to a bloody mess. King Vold returns and reclaims his wolf. King Vold repays him in gold, but the coins burn through Aickman's hands and turn to pebbles when they hit the ground. The King wishes Hellboy farewell and rides away. Hellboy wakes up, having missed the exchange.