Hellboy in Hell is a line of comic books about the character Hellboy, a continuation of the original Hellboy series.

Publication HistoryEdit

Hellboy in Hell began in December 2012 picking up where Hellboy: The Fury left off. Unlike the previous series, Hellboy in Hell is an ongoing series. The first four issues came out monthly as a part of a single arc, but going forward the series will have a sporadic release date with many arcs only being a single issue in length. Multiple-issue arcs will come out on a monthly schedule though.

Hellboy in Hell also marks the return of Mike Mignola as the ongoing artist for the character. He will write and draw all Hellboy in Hell stories himself.

In December 2015, Mike Mignola announced Hellboy in Hell would conclude at issue 10.


Hellboy in Hell is an ongoing series with a clear numbering on its covers. It does not continue the internal numbering of its parent series.

  1. The Descent
  2. Pandemonium
  3. Family Ties
  4. Death Riding an Elephant
  5. The Three Gold Whips
  6. The Death Card
  7. The Hounds of Pluto (Part 1) (also known as The Trials of Dr. Hoffmann)
  8. The Hounds of Pluto (Part 2)
  9. The Spanish Bride
  10. For Whom the Bell Tolls


Trade PaperbacksEdit

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Hellboy in Hell is collected as its own line of trades.

Library EditionsEdit

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Hellboy in Hell will be collected in a single library edition to be released October 4, 2017.