Hellboy Junior is a non-canonical, adult humor comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics, written by Bill Wray and Mike Mignola, with art provided by both in addition to a number of other artists.

Most of the stories contained within Hellboy Junior star a young Hellboy living in Hell during his formative years. These stories take place before he was summoned to earth as part of Project Ragna Rok during which he lost his memories. As such, his personality, temperament and morals do not align with those he posses following Trevor Bruttenholm raising him.

Issues[edit | edit source]

Hellboy Junior was published as a one shot that was then followed, two years later, by a two issue mini-series. Each of the three issues is made up of a number stories, some interconnected while others are standalone.

Issue Published Cover Story Writer(s) Artist(s) Additional Materials
Halloween Special October 15, 1997
Maggots, Maggots, Everywhere Bill Wray Pin-up by Kevin Nowlan
Wheezy The Sick Little Witch Bill Wray Stephen DeStefano
The Ginger-Beef Boy Bill Wray Hilary Barta
The Creation of Hellboy Jr. Bill Wray & Mike Mignola
Somnambo The Sleeping Giant Bill Wray Dave Cooper
The Devil Don’t Smoke Bill Wray & Mike Mignola Mike Mignola
1 October 20, 1999
Magical Mushroom Trip Bill Wray Dave Cooper Pin-ups by Glenn Barr & Stephen DeStefano
The Wolvertons Bill Wray Pat McEown
Squid of Man Bill Wray Mike Mignola
2 November 17, 1999
The House of Candy Pain Bill Wray Hilary Barta Pin-up by Stephen DeStefano
Sparky Bear Bill Wray
Huge Retarded Duck Bill Wray Stephen DeStefano
Hellboy Jr. Gets a Car Mike Mignola

Trade Paperback[edit | edit source]

Three years after the release of Hellboy Junior #2, a trade paperback was published. The trade paperback collected all the stories and pin-ups of the individual issues. Additionally, it includes a new story, Hellboy Jr. vs Hitler, written and drawn by Bill Wray.

Title Date Published Cover Material Collected Additional Materials
Hellboy Junior January 21, 2004
  • Hellboy Junior Halloween Special
  • Hellboy Junior #1-2

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