Hellboy: Weird Tales is a non-canonical comic book series published during the making of the first Hellboy movie. Mike Mignola had been very active during the production of the film and did not have time to work on new Hellboy comics. Hellboy: Weird Tales was a way to have new Hellboy material on shelves during both the lead up to and then the film's release.

The series ran for eight issues from February 2003 to April 2004, published on a bi-monthly basis. Each issue features multiple short stories from different creative teams.

Issues[edit | edit source]

Issue Number Published Cover Story Writer(s) Artist(s) Additional Materials
1 February 26, 2003
Hellboy Weird Tales 1.jpg
Big-Top-Hell-Boy John Cassaday Sugar Coated Wire feat. Dr. Karl Ruprect Kroenen pin-up by TyRuben Ellingson
Party Pooper Andi Watson
Children of the Black Mound Fabian Nicieza Stefano Raffaele
Doc Hollow's Grand Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 1 John Cassaday
2 April 23, 2003
Helboy Weird Tales 2.jpg
Flight Risk Joe Casey Steve Parkhouse NA
Hot Randy Stradley Seung Kim
Curse of the Haunted Doily Mark Ricketts Eric Wright
Midnight Cowboy Eric Powell
Doc Hollow's Grand Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 2 John Cassaday
3 June 25, 2003
Hellboy Weird Tales 3.jpg
Still Born Matt Hollingsworth & Alex Maleev Alex Maleev Hellboy v. Rasputin pin-up by Galen Showman
Hellboy at the Mountains of Madness pin-up by William Stout
Downtime Bob Fingerman
Family Story Sara Ryan Steve Lieber
Doc Hollow's Grand Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 3 John Cassaday
4 August 27, 2003
Hellboy Weird Tales 4.jpg
The Dread Within Jason Pearson Shred pin-up by Rick Cortes
Abe Sapien: Star of the B.P.R.D. John Arcudi Roger Langridge
Haunted Tom Sniegoski Ovi Nedelcu
Doc Hollow's Grand Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 4 John Cassaday
5 October 15, 2003
Hellboy Weird Tales 5.jpg
Love is Scarier than Death J.H. Williams III & Haden Blackman J.H. Williams III Pin-up by Cameron Stewart
Cool Your Head Scott Morse
Shattered Ron Marz Jim Starlin
Doc Hollow's Grand Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 5 John Cassaday
6 December 10, 2003
Hellboy Weird Tales 6.jpg
Command Performance Will Pfeifer P. Craig Russell Pin-up by Steve Purcell
Friday Doug Petrie Gene Colan
My Vacation in Hell Craig Thompson
Doc Hollow's Grand Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 6 John Cassaday
7 February 11, 2004
Hellboy Weird Tales 7.jpg
A Love Story Tommy Lee Edwards Tommy Lee Edwards with Don Cameron Pin-up by Dave Stevens
Theater of the Dead Jim Pascoe & Tom Fassbender Simeon Wilkins
Long Distance Caller Kev Walker
Doc Hollow's Grand Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 7 John Cassaday
8 April 14, 2004
Hellboy Weird Tales 8.jpg
Fifteen Minutes... Jill Thompson Pin-up by Gary Fields
Toy Soldier Akira Yoshida & Kia Asamiya Kia Asamiya
Professional Help Evan Dorkin
Doc Hollow's Grand Vibro-Destructo Machine: Episode 8 John Cassaday

Collected Editions[edit | edit source]

The series has been collected in two trade paperbacks and a single hardcover omnibus.

Trade Paperback Collections[edit | edit source]

Each of the two trade paperbacks collect four sequential individual Hellboy: Weird Tales issues.

Volume Title Date Published Cover Material Collected
1 Hellboy Weird Tales: Volume 1 December 17, 2003
Weird Tales Volume 1.jpg
Hellboy Weird Tales #1–4
2 Hellboy Weird Tales: Volume 2 October 27, 2004
Weird Tales Volume 2.jpg
Hellboy Weird Tales #5–8

Hardcover Omnibus Collection[edit | edit source]

In addition to collecing Hellboy: Weird Tales #1–8, the Hellboy: Weird Tales omnibus also features two canonical stories How Koshchei Became Deathless and Baba Yaga's Feast. The eight-episode story Doc Hollow's Grand Vibro-Destructo Machine was retitled "Lobster Johnson: Action Detective Adventure" for this collection.

Title Date Published Cover Material Collected Additional Material
Hellboy: Weird Tales November 26, 2014
Hellboy Weird Tales (Hardcover).jpg
Forward by Scott Allie

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