Packaging art by Mike Mignola

Hellboy: The Board Game is a 2019 board game created by Mantic Games and designed by James M. Hewitt and Sophie Williams of Needy Cat Games. The project was first announced on January 5, 2018 with a press release about an upcoming April Kickstarter campaign for the game.[1] As per the deal with Dark Horse, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has final approval rights on all game aspects.

Base Game[edit | edit source]

Includes three B.P.R.D. scenarios and everything required to play the game. Although Johann Kraus didn't join the B.P.R.D. until 2002 (see B.P.R.D.: Hollow Earth), Mike Mignola specifically requested the character be one of the four core agents for the base game.[2]

Expansions[edit | edit source]

Conqueror Worm[edit | edit source]

Includes the Conqueror Worm scenario.

  • New game tiles
  • 15 Nazi troopers
  • 1 Boss (Conqueror Worm)
  • Cards:
    • New Encounter Deck cards
    • New Requisition Deck cards
    • New Deck of Doom cards
    • Conqueror Worm Case File Deck
    • Conqueror Worm Enemy Deck

B.P.R.D. Archives[edit | edit source]

Includes elements to create your own scenarios.

  • 18 beasts and monsters
  • Cards:
    • New Encounter Deck cards
    • B.P.R.D. Archives Case File Deck
    • B.P.R.D. Archives Enemy Deck

Helboy in Mexico (limited edition)[edit | edit source]

Includes two Hellboy in Mexico scenarios. This expansion will not be commercially available. It can only be bought through the Kickstarter or at conventions.

  • 4 Heroes (Luchador Hellboy, Esteban and his brothers)
  • Game tiles
  • 15 Minions
  • 1 Boss (Camazotz)
  • Cards:
    • Agent cards
    • New Encounter Deck cards
    • New Requisition Deck cards
    • New Deck of Doom cards
    • Hellboy in Mexico Case File Deck
    • Hellboy in Mexico Enemy Deck

Darkness Calls[edit | edit source]

Includes two Darkness Calls scenarios.

  • 1 Hero (Henry Hood)
  • 1 Back-up Agent (wolf)
  • Game tiles
  • 15 Undead Minions
  • 1 Boss (Koshchei)
  • 2 Mini Bosses (witches)
  • Cards:
    • Agent cards
    • New Encounter Deck cards
    • New Requisition Deck cards
    • New Deck of Doom cards
    • Darkness Calls Case File Deck
    • Darkness Calls Enemy Deck

Future Expansions[edit | edit source]

Mantic plans to continue releasing expansions exploring Hellboy and B.P.R.D. storylines. Future expansions will include classic characters such as Ben Daimio.[3]

2018 Kickstarter Campaign[edit | edit source]

Mantic Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for the game on April 25, 2018. The game reached its £100,000 funding goal within the first few hours and passed $1,000,000 US within the first 26 hours. It ended up being Mantic's most successful Kickstarter to date, unlocking all sixty-four stretch goals.

Stretch Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Agents:
  • Enemies:
  • Scenarios:
    • New Giant Frog Monster scenario
    • New Rasputin scenario
    • New Tentacle Monster scenario
    • New Conqueror Worm scenario
    • Alternate Baba Yaga scenario
    • Herman von Klempt scenario
  • Tokens:
    • Upgraded Information Gathered tokens
    • Right Hand of Doom token
    • Flame trackers
    • Target Priority busts (Hellboy, Liz, Abe, Johann, Roger, Lobster Johnson)
    • Upgraded Clue tokens
    • Upgraded Wound counters
  • Item cards:
  • Extra set of custom game dice
  • Upgrade game tile thickness
  • Case Files upgraded to tarot card size
  • Cards upgrades to 310GSM
  • $20 Dark Horse Digital voucher

Kickstarter Exclusive Stretch Goals[edit | edit source]

Optional Extras[edit | edit source]

  • 3D scenery
  • 3D doors
  • Folding dice tray
  • Extra dice
  • B.P.R.D. dice bag
  • Resin miniatures
  • Hellboy in Mexico limited edition expansion
  • Darkness Calls expansion
  • Box Full of Evil (includes Hellboy in Mexico and Darkness Calls expansions)

2021 Kickstarter Campaign[edit | edit source]

Mantic has mentioned on their blog that they will be doing a campaign for further expansions in 2021.

References[edit | edit source]

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