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Hans Ubler was a German nightclub owner and exhibitionist.


During the Second World War, Hans Ubler ran a freak-show/chamber-of-horrors/nightclub in Berlin, which was popular among Heinrich Himmler's inner circle of mystics and scientists, including the team behind Project Ragna Rok. Hans Ubler fled from Germany in early 1945, after smuggling the body of Vladimir Giurescu out of the country.

Using the alias Howard Steinman, Ubler worked carnivals all across Europe until settling in New York City, where he ran a wax museum (which had a Giurescu wax figure inside). In the mid-1960s, Ubler's museum temporarily became popular with the underground art scene. Years later, in March 1997, Ubler was shot to death by Ilsa Haupstein, who came to retrieve Vladimir Giurescu's body.