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The power known as God, is a mysterious and unseen deity that is the creator of the universe. It is unknown if this power is sentient or simply personified by those that worship it.


According to the former priest in Hellboy: The Island, the self-created omnipotent power known as God created the order of Greater Spirits and sent several of these beings to watch over and protect the young Earth. One of these Watchers, the spirit Anum used God's own power, Vril, and created the Ogdru Jahad out of mud. The other Watchers put their seals on the Beast, but it did not come to life until nightfall, when darkness entered it. The Ogdru Jahad birthed the 369 Ogdru Hem which were the first creatures on Earth.

After a brutal war between the Watchers and the Ogdru Hem, the monsters were destroyed and banished from the Earth. Anum then again used Vril to seal the Ogdru Jahad in a crystal prison and banish them to the far corners of the universe.

The rest of the Watchers then turned on Anum, destroying his body except for his Right Hand. After seeing all of this God became furious and destroyed the Watchers. Some were cast down into Hell and others banished unto the Earth to breed monsters. This event is known as the First Fall of Angels. Later, a second generation of Greater Spirits led by Satan rose in rebellion against God, but were defeated and banished to world of Hell. This was the Second Fall of Angels.

After the First Fall of Angels, many of the lesser spirits were allowed to assume form on the Earth, which led to the rise of the First race of Man called Hyperboreans. The Hyperboreans created a civilization that venerated the Vril and the remains of Anum. In the later years of their empire, King Thoth sent the power of Vril out into the world inside female priests that were encased in protective crystal.

Various creator gods have been mentioned within the mythology of the Hellboy Universe, but none of these are the "correct" version of god. Rather, they are aspects of the power God as humans understand it. The God of the Hellboy Universe is not the God of any one specific human religion.

Known species that were intentionally created or that claim origin from God: