Daryl Tynon was a human hunter who was turned into a wendigo.


In 1989, Daryl went out hunting in around March during an early thaw. However, by the time he arrived in the woods a freak blizzard came out of nowhere. Daryl became lost in the blizzard for days until he found himself being stalked by a wendigo. On the third day, the snow stopped and Daryl attempted to flee from the wendigo. But within half an hour, he was half-dead and the wendigo killed him before passing on the wendigo's curse into his soul while the previous owner of the wendigo's body rest in peace.

Daryl retained his memories and tried to find his family by stalking his family's summer house in Anonta, Ontario. By 1990, the B.P.R.D. was informed of Daryl's sightings in which Hellboy and Abe Sapien confronted him. Daryl peacefully surrender to the agents and explained to them of his predicament. Daryl was distraught to learn that his family believed him to be dead and had moved, and was shocked when he learn that he will eventually lose his humanity, and that the only way to set his soul free is to kill someone else and pass the wendigo's curse on to that person. Unwilling to consider killing another human being, Daryl pleaded Hellboy to kill him. But Hellboy regretfully told him that killing him will not break the curse. Instead Daryl was locked up but not before Hellboy gave him a photo of Daryl and his family for comfort.

Killing GroundEdit

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More than a decade later, Daryl was moved to the B.P.R.D's headquarters in Colorado. By this time Daryl has seemingly lost all traces of his humanity and regressed to his wendigo nature. Daryl was broken free by Benjamin Daimio, who fell to the Jaguar Spirit, and was initially believed by the B.P.R.D. to be responsible for the deaths of the B.P.R.D. staff until his innocence was clarified.

Despite his bestial habits and the loss of his ability to speak, Daryl is revealed to able to retain traces of his original human identity and avoids attacking human beings. He traveled with Daimio, who became a fugitive on the run, and make their way to the Canadian wilderness.

The Long DeathEdit

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When Daimio couldn't control the Jaguar Spirit, Daryl was forced to fight Daimio when the latter wanted to die at the hands of the wendigo. Daryl and Daimio fiercely fought throughout the night with the former emerging victorious.

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