An Unmarked Grave is an eight-page short story published in Dark Horse Presents #8, featuring a cover by Duncan Fegredo.

This story follows the events of Russia and acts as a kind of epilogue to the Hellboy story The Fury.

An Unmarked Grave is collected together with Russia in the B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth—Russia trade paperback.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Kate Corrigan meets with Father Bill (last seen in The Storm) in England to find out what happened to Hellboy. Afterwards Kate encounters a red-haired woman (Alice Monaghan) in a church graveyard, who informs Kate that Hellboy has been slain. Alice tries to persuade Kate to stay in England as it has been baptised by Hellboy's blood and shall be the last garden on Earth.

Kate rejects Alice's suggestion and refuses to give up hope for the world. She then receives a call from Bruno Karhu. Bruno informs Kate that he's no longer meeting her in England, that their relationship is too complicated for him to maintain anymore. When Kate returns her attention to Alice, she has vanished and the graveyard is full of lillies.

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