Lord Adam Glaren was a high ranking member of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra. He is notable for his association with Panya during her time spent living in Victorian society.

Panya's Unwrapping[edit | edit source]

In November 1859 Lord Glaren attended the mummy unrolling ceremony at the home of Lord Minnbrough in London. Attending the ceremony were members of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra. He is notably referred to as a heretic by fellow H.B.R. member Edward Musgrove Sundborne, who would go on to co-found the Oannes Society. Glaren was given the privilege of unrolling Panya and during the ceremony her eyes sprang open. Panya was helpless in the new world so Lord Glaren took her under his wing, teaching her to read and write and about the rules of English society. 

Lord Glaren and other members of the H.B.R. were worried that Panya was becoming too exposed and out of their control in public life, particularly after Panya's harassment by Martin Gilfryd. Glaren claimed he wanted to shelter her, and invited her to the Brotherhood's manor estate.

Lost and Gone Forever[edit | edit source]

Glaren attracted the attention of Sir Edward Grey and fled across the Atlantic to the United States. By 1880, Grey had pursued Glaren all the way to Utah but lost his trail in a mining town called Reidlynne. Grey and his companion Morgan Kaler were riding through the desert when they were fired upon by Glaren. Kaler shot back but seemed to miss his shot. 

The pair found Glaren later that evening sitting around a campfire. They were shocked to see Lord Glaren dead and reanimated as a zonbi, with a gaping hole in his chest from Kaler's earlier shot. The two managed to destroy Glaren by dragging him through his own campfire and theorized that Glaren's undead body was probably under the control of a local witch called Eris. It is unclear whether or not Glaren was dead before or after he first shot at Grey and Kaler.

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