"Hi, My Name's Hellboy" is a one-page promotional strip that advertised Hellboy and his upcoming stories.

Publication History[edit | edit source]

This page was originally published in October 1994, in "Celebrate Diversity." The page was reprinted in The Art of Hellboy in March 2003.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The one page story introduces Hellboy, and tells something of his origin, as revealed in Seed of Destruction. The page also gives a very brief introduction of Abe Sapien. The bottom of the page is devoted to promoting the next Hellboy mini-series, Wake the Devil, and a group of four short stories that were to appear as back-ups to the first Monkeyman & O'Brien miniseries.

"Hi, My Name's Hellboy" advertised Wake the Devil as a four-issue miniseries, though it would end up as five issues. The back-ups in Monkeyman & O'Brien never happened but three of the stories were eventually printed elsewhere; Heads, The Nature of the Beast and The Baba Yaga. It is possible that the fourth story, about "a possessed torture device" was meant to refer to Elizabeth Bathory's Maiden of Joo, which became a part of the Wake the Devil storyline.

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